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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
Released Date: 1938

Ebenezer Scrooge (Reginald Owen) was a grumpy old man. Always shutting people out of his life and never really caring about anyone (even himself) or anything (except money). On Christmas Eve, after a long day at the office, Scrooge went home to unexplainable events. His door, for instance, had a knocker on it with an animals face on it, but when he  went to open his door, the lion changed into what he believed was his late work partner's face. He went inside quickly and shook it off. Scrooge sat down with his meal, in his cold house. When all of a sudden, a ghost appeared. It was in fact, his late partner's ghost. Marley (Leo G. Carroll). Marley's Ghost, weighed down by chains, explained that Scrooge would have three ghosts appear that night to explain what being a grump would lead in his life. He already didn't have friends or loved ones near.  Even Scrooge's nephew didn't bother to see him much. Scrooge went to bed with a odd feeling, and was awoken out of his sleep late into the night by the first ghost. She was the Ghost of Christmas Pasts. She showed him the life he was leading was a lonely one. He shut his nephew out after his sister died. And was always sitting down working on his notes in class, instead of running around with friends outside in the snow. After the Ghost of Christmas Pasts took Scrooge back to his nice warm bed, Scrooge fell back to sleep. Then the Ghost of Christmas Present appeared, and showed Scrooge what his coworker, his family and even people that knew him from around town were saying about the old man. About how evil and nasty Scrooge is, and how he has no happiness. A new light began to show in Scrooge. He was upset and hurt by what he was seeing. And realized that he didn't want to see that anymore. So the Ghost of Christmas Present took Scrooge back to his home. He again,  fell back to sleep. The the Ghost of Christmas yet to come, came. And showed Scrooge in the grave!!! Without a flower or notes, or any sign of love around his grave. Scrooge was upset and the Ghost then showed him what people were saying about his death. Nobody seemed to care. Nobody was sad of his passing. Scrooge began to cry and scream. He wanted to be happy. He awoke, punching his bed, in his home. He was up and seemed light and gay. He started laughing and joyously parading about his house. Scrooge then opened his window and saw a little boy outside, Scrooge asked him what day it was. The boy replied that it was Christmas day. He got dressed and began going about through the town and stopping by his nephew's house and showed his nephew his new side. One that made his nephew proud. He started his new life the way life is meant to be.


I absolutely love Christmas. I love the music, lights, snow, Christmas trees, movies and of course spending time with the family. But this year, theaters across the world will be showing Christmas in Connecticut and A Christmas Carol. Everyone should go see it. I  was fortunate that the 7:00 PM showing was still available. The 2:00 PM was already sold out! 

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Adolf Hitler and Clark Gable

During WWII, Adolf Hitler offered a reward to any German Soldier who could capture screen legend, Clark Gable, alive. The "Gone With The Wind" star -- who was then flying combat missions as a B-17 gunner -- was reportedly the Fuhrer's favorite actor, in part because of his German ancestry. Despite news of the bounty on his head, Gable continued to serve and later earned the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross. 

Ladies They Talk About

Ladies They Talk About
Released Date: February 4, 1933
Directors:Howard Bretherton and William Keighley
Actors: Barbara Stanwyck, Preston Foster, Lyle Talbot, Dorothy Burgess, Lillian Roth, Maude Eburne, Ruth Donnelly, Harold Huber and Robert McWade

     This is by far my favorite Pre-Code film! Watch it, and it might be your favorite too.

     This movie begins with a woman at a telephone booth, she is calling the police to inform them that there is a man running a muck and stabbing people left and right. When she leaves the booth, she has a sly smile on her face. We then see her getting into a car with her dog in her arms. She is still smiling and nothing seems to be happening around the area, people don't seem frightened or scared. She goes into the bank, a few minutes before opening because she had a train to catch. Or so she says. Then the boys she got into the car with, come inside and hold up the bank. Nan (Barbara Stanwyck) the woman who helped hold up the bank, ends up going to jail. The prison seems like home. Women are sitting around reading, and talking, smoking and laughing, they all also get to listen to the radio. It does not seem like jail. It seems like an okay place to be. But Nan tries to escape and ends up getting more in trouble with the law. It is such a great film guys, I hope you'll watch it and soon!!