Saturday, February 25, 2023

Was Alfred Hitchcock Gay?

 It has been asked several times. In different formats. I have read it in books about Alfred Hitchcock but I have also read it online. It is said that one time he stated “I would have been gay if it weren’t for Alma” Alma was Hitchcock’s wife. I don’t think that is exactly what he said, but it was along those lines. So is it possible that Hitchcock was gay? Here is why I imagine that he is, first, he was very dainty according to some peoples representation of him. Secondly, he said that he would have been gay if it wasn’t for Alma. Third, he loved using gay actors. He also made movies that were about gay people. And lastly, he wasn’t very nice to his actresses, which, my sister in law guessed that maybe he took out his anger towards women because he didn’t want to be with them. He also, according to another source, said that he did not like having sex with his wife. Which could also make him A-Sexual but very unsure, maybe he was gay. Which would not have been that big of a deal as a lot of celebrities back then were gay. I read that about a lot of actors and actresses. That they believed they were gay, that there’s signs and obvious things about them that makes them believe they are gay. 

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