Thursday, April 12, 2012


Released Date: April 12, 1940
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson, and Nigel Bruce

     This was the first movie that Alfred Hitchcock made in Hollywood. It is also said that Alfred Hitchcock wanted to make this movie way before he did, but due to the price of the rights, he could not afford to do the picture. This film did get him a Best Picture Oscar that year, which is rather exciting. Due to the fact that in my honest opinion, Hitchcock is the best director ever, and he deserved many more awards than that. But for Rebecca, that is rather exciting. You will also notice, which bothered me for a really long time, the main woman in this film has no first name. Laurence Olivier wanted his wife, Vivien Leigh to play the main woman in the movie, but Joan Fontaine ended up winning the title role, and Laurence was said to have been rather rude to Miss Fontaine because of that. but even Anne Baxter was tested for the role as the title woman too. But Alfred Hitchcock ended up using her later in a movie called I Confess. 

     This movie is based, at first in Monte Carlo. Where a woman is another woman's companion. The companion is young and rather naive, which you catch on rather early in the picture. The companion meets a wealthy man, who she later finds out is a widower. And ends up having a fling. The companion ends up telling the woman she works for, that she is engaged. The employer is outraged, but gives her, her good lucks and then goodbyes. The companion, after marrying becomes, Mrs. De Winter. She moves in with him, into his very rich/wealthy mansion, Manderly. When Mrs. De Winter becomes scared that her husband is still attached to his first wife (Rebecca), she becomes desperate to be more beautiful. The entire film she is plain, and ordinary, and not at all what his servants were expecting when they first arrived. When a party they throw becomes into play, the dress Mrs. De Winter wears makes her husband angry, and after a whirlwind of facts come to light, they are forced to find out even more than, not even Rebecca's best friend knew.

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