Friday, May 4, 2012

The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around the Corner
Released Date: January 12, 1940
Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
Actors: Jimmy Stewart, Margaret Sullivan, and Frank Morgan

     It is said that the director, Ernst Lubitsch, had wanted to wait till the main stars, Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan were ready to make the movie. Both actors had been busy at the time, and could not make the movie right away. As a matter of fact, in between them being asked, and waiting till the start of the shoots, Ernst Lubitsch made another movie in between the wait time. It is also said that the director felt like this was his best work. And it is a very good movie. One that has been remade. You've got Mail was the remake movie. The director also had spent his childhood based around this movie. The setting and also the fact that his father worked in a shop, made this movie the director's favorite and also his most personal.

     This movie is based on two people that have met at their job. At a store. They could not stand each other at all. And working together was a terrible job for both of them. They did have one thing in common, however, and that is the fact that they both had a boy/girlfriend. That they only kept in contact with through mail. They had never seen a picture of their significant other, and one attempt at the first meet did not go so smoothly. The company they worked for had been a very successful company, but because of a mishap, the big boss kind of lost his head. Please pick this movie up and let me know what you think!

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