Sunday, September 29, 2013

You Gotta Stay Happy

You Gotta Stay Happy
Released Date: October 28, 1948
Director: H.C. Potter
Actors: James Stewart, Joan Fontaine, Eddie Albert, Roland Young, Willard Parker, Percy Kilbride, and Porter Hall

     This movie makes you... Well, happy! James Stewart shines in all his movies, even in this not so very well known film. You can see him wearing a leather jacket during You Gotta Stay Happy, and it happens to be the same jacket he wore during all of his missions in WWII. You may notice that Joan Fontaine wears a jacket throughout this movie as well, she was pregnant and couldn't show her full belly! I also enjoyed Eddie Albert as well, and he definitely stole the show while on screen.

     Dee Dee Dillwood (Joan Fontaine) is a rich brat who cannot seem to figure her life out. She is to be married, and does not want to be. Because her uncle and shrink tell her to go ahead with the marriage, she does. Completely out of love, Dee Dee and her new husband go to stay at a hotel. They have a few arguments in the lobby, and pilot Marvin Payne (James Stewart) always seems to be right in the middle of it. Marvin's copilot, Bullets Baker (Eddie Albert) is off having a drink or two, while Marvin goes to the hotel to get a good nights sleep. As Marvin is trying to get some shut eye, Dee Dee and her new husband get into another fight. This time Dee Dee wants to leave and ends up in Marvin's room for the night. Now I know this sounds dirty, but believe me when I say, this is your average black and white movie. No funny business. Dee Dee can't seem to fall asleep, so she ends up taking a sleeping pill from the pilot's luggage - which doesn't help. So then they call to the front desk so that they can send up a sleeping pill. What happens? She gets knocked out cold. In this funny sequence, you can't help but to laugh out loud. Dee Dee decides to follow Marvin and Bullets across country to get away from her husband. While James Stewart always turns on the charm, does Marvin? Will Dee Dee get out of her marriage? And if so, will Marvin be the one? 

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