Friday, December 13, 2013

Whistling in the Dark

Whistling in the Dark
Released Date: August 8, 1941
Director: S. Sylvan Simon
Actors: Red Skelton, Conrad Veidt, Ann Rutherford, Virginia Grey, Rags Ragland, Henry O'Neill, Eve Arden, Paul Stanton, Donald Douglas, Don Costello and William Tannen

     I saw this movie and fell in love with Red Skelton. The fact that Eve Arden is in this movie is what caught my eye, but I loved every second of this film. I also enjoyed it because of the two things this movie is based on. First off it is a black and white movie (that always gets my attention), and second it is about something I have always loved listening to, which is the radio. I have always loved listening to Lux Radio, Lights Out, the Abbott and Costello Radio Show, and The 2000 Year Old Man. But this movie is about a man who performs a crime radio show every week. The man is Wally Benton (Red Skelton), and he is successful. He tunes in every week as the host for the crime show called "The Fox" and along with his fiancee and ex-girlfriend are kidnapped by a killer. The killer is Joseph Jones (Conrad Veidt), and the only reason why he kidnapped this radio show host is because he wants to be written the perfect murder! Does he get what he wants? Watch Red Skelton light up the screen :)

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