Monday, February 24, 2014

Classic Celebrities Diet

Barbara Stanwyck:
What kind of food do you think Barbara Stanwyck ate? You think a salad diet was what she enjoyed? Nope, in fact, in a newspaper clipping I just read, she was said to have enjoyed meat and potatoes. She said that she loved rare raw steak and potatoes and would add greens to her plate for the simple fact that it was healthy. She also said that she was not a big diet person, in fact, she thought it to be dull. She did gulp down a lot of water a day, and exercised with swimming, and tons of walking.

Grace Kelly:
Princess Grace would go to America for visits and said to have been a huge hamburger lover along with enjoying milkshakes. Her favorite? Chocolate and Vanilla milkshakes. Her exercise was always swimming and walking as well.

Carole Lombard:
Miss Lombard, or Mrs. Clark Gable, was a huge meat and veggies lover. Along with enjoying Coca-Cola. She was said to have drank coke one after the other, and played tennis too hard.

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