Sunday, October 23, 2011

Arsenic and Old Lace

Arsenic and Old Lace
Released Date: September 23, 1944
Director: Frank Capra
Actors include: Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane, Raymond Massey, Jack Carson, Peter Lorre, Josephine Hull, and Jean Adair

When you are a young child, you usually have fears about your parents or any of your family. I use to think that when I went to bed at night, my family would grow antlers and run around outside becoming one with the animals. I use to wonder if they would ever tell me about their weird ways. But can you imagine having two sweet, old aunts that murder people and that is their biggest secret?

Cary Grant is the main character in this movie and is very funny in it. His quick whit and humor make the movie that much more special. Everything about this movie is hilarious and if I ever found out a secret like that from my own family, I fear it would not be as funny. The little old ladies are very sweet and mean well. But their ways of being sweet and helping out their community is, well dwindling the population by a dozen.

Cary Grant did not like this movie, he thought that the acting was over the top. And maybe it is, to our standards but it very funny none the less. The movie has a great cast. And with Halloween coming up, I hope that this is one film you will find a way to watch. The movie is set on Halloween too.

The little old ladies, and as funny as this movie is, live next to a grave site. One of the tombs that Cary Grant stands near has the name Archie Leach, which is Cary Grant's real name. He has two brothers in the movie, one is a scary fellow who Cary Grant tries to act tough towards and ends up saying a very funny line: "when I come back, I want you gone" and as he runs out the door he says "wait for me." Another funny line, that I think you would enjoy is, one from another brother. He has clearly lost his mind at one point in his life. He goes by the name Teddy Roosevelt and he honestly thinks he is. But the Reverend from the movie sneezes and Teddy says "my I must be catching cold" his sweet aunt replies "no dear, it was Reverend Harper that sneezed."

I hope you all enjoy this movie as much as I do. :) Please watch and let me know what you think.


  1. Made in an era when serial killing old ladies could be cute and nearly cuddly, I remember watching this movie maybe a dozen times, plus a stage version or two. My absolutely favorite character is the kooky uncle, who thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt, and who helps the spinsters by building "locks" in the basement.


    1. I love the kooky uncle lol. I love the fact that the little old ladies have no idea what they are doing is wrong. They think it is completely normal haha.