Friday, October 21, 2011

About Me!!

Ever since I was a little girl I loved, enjoyed old movies. So then I decided to write a blog about the movies/actors/TV shows I enjoy. All old and pretty much all black and white, and some in color. But nothing after the 80s. The one 80s movie I'll mention is by Alfred Hitchcock but otherwise yes, all of the movies are old. :)

Everyone always wants to know a little bit about the Author, and even though I don't feel like one yet, I figured I'd give you a little bit about me. I currently live with my aunt and mom. Before that I lived with friends, which in total, I lived with for about a year. Before that I lived with my mom and two wonderful people, my grandparents. With whom raised me and took care of me for almost 21 years. Our dog too, we had a husky before and now we have a mutant, a cute thing Sir Rudy G, who happens to be a pug. He was my grandma's dog. My grandma passed away in April. Everyday, something happens or something I see that reminds me of her. She was a great woman, a wonderful woman. And one that I hope to become. The one thing that does help is that I know she will always watch over me. I feel like she is with me everywhere, all the time. And that is a comfort.

I had a happy childhood. I played sports, basketball ended up being my favorite thing to play. I loved watching basketball games and football games with the grandparents. Grandpa was always a huge sports fan. Which is one of many things I am glad he taught me about. We would play baseball outside, basketball and even throw the football around. Redskins are my football team. And my grandma was from North Carolina and so we watched and cheered for the Tar heels.

When you are younger everything seems so easy. When I was in elementary school and even middle the day was always this: School, home, home work, outside/play time till dark, dinner, bath, TV time (usually Wheel of Fortune, then Seinfeld and lastly was Friends). Then it was game time, usually cards with my grandma or Nintendo, old style Mario and even game boy which we all remember catching em all Pokemon. Which all we had was the blue, yellow and red version. Now kids have every color in the world AND have 9 million to catch. Us 80s and 90s born had easy. Then there was also the fun computer games. The Oregon Trail and also Wheel of Fortune, where in the world is Carmen San Diego. And so forth. Let me just say I had a great childhood, great family, great dogs, great friends. I will end this by saying I am a HUGE animal lover, I work as a Pet Nurse at an animal hospital, mostly dogs and cats. And I am also a tree hugger. One thing I completely would love to have happen, that in some way, I do something with old movies. By giving it justice, more fan base, or even facts for people that enjoy these movies. I one day hope to either have a magazine about old movies and old actors and directors. Or something that I would want way down the line, open a movie theater that shows nothing but old movies. But anyways, hope you enjoy my blog. :)

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