Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!!!

I love the holidays. Plain and simple. Holidays are fun. Decorations, cookies, sweaters (I like to call my holiday sweaters Bests, for instance Christmas sweater is my Christmas Best :)), family, friends and TV movies. We all wait for the clay-mation Rudolph the Red nose reindeer to come on. And naturally Charlie Brown comes to mind. All of our favorite gang to give us the inside scoop of what the holidays are all about.

My favorite character is Linus. Watch as he waits for the Great Pumpkin in a field of pumpkins while all of his friends and sister are trick or treating. He is literally out there all night till his sister comes out and brings him inside. And hopefully she shares all of her candy with him since he missed out on all the fun of getting the candy. My other favorite Peanut gang member is in the movie too but you never see her, and that would be Peppermint Patty. :)

We all remember the "I'll go ahead and throw that away" candy. The candy we usually threw away though was actually candy. Such as the candy without a rapper, the gum, the no brand named stuff too. Well watch as poor ol' Charlie Brown gets nothing but "bad" candy.

I hope you all get to catch this movie every year like I do. Usually on channel five?? Yup, that's where I see it. Along with all the Christmas movies too.

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