Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Released Date: August 25, 1960
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam, and Patricia Hitchcock

This movie is probably one of the scariest movies ever. And by far THE scariest villain to date, Norman Bates. Or Ms. Bates?? Who knows right??

The movie starts off with a woman who is clearly in love but cannot do a thing about it. The man she is in love with is going through a divorce that is costing him a lot of money, and he lives in another town. He is also paying for his late father's bills and can't afford to pay for a little thing called marriage with this woman. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say she figures out a way to get a hold of a bunch of money that can easily pay the late father's bills, his alimony, and also a marriage. However, her way about having the money is completely wrong and well let's just say karma stinks. She ends up at Bates Motel and the rest, they say is history.

Now Alfred Hitchcock never ended up winning any Oscars, but this movie did end up giving Mr. Hitchcock 4 Oscar nods and this movie is rated 8.7/10 according to IMBD. I would give the movie a 10/10 but of course everyone has different taste. :)

Alfred Hitchcock had a chance to make this movie in color but decided that the movie would benefit in black and white. And he was right. The movie is much more creepier and not to mention that most if not all black and white scary movies are much more creepy than color scary movies. I don't know if it is because of the dark shadows or if it is because Alfred Hitchcock is just that brilliant, but this movie is GRAND. The movie also has the directors daughter in it. Patricia Hitchcock, she was in a few of his movies actually. You can see the proud daughter talk about his movies on all of his movie DVDs.

This movie also has a lot of very great creepy lines such as, "A boys best friend is his mother" said by Norman Bates.

I hope you all watch the movie. It is a very son/mother type of film that will keep your heart racing and will keep you out of hotels and showers for a very long time. Literally, the main actress from this film, Janet Leigh, could not shower after making this film. And she also admitted to having to have her maid stand in the bathroom with her as she showered sometime in 2000 after having broke her leg and the Dr telling her to take showers instead of baths.

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