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I Love Lucy Season Four

I Love Lucy Season Four

11-29-1954 Ethel's Birthday: This episode is about nine episodes into the season, but sooner or later I'll see more of this season's episodes. In this episode Fred asked Lucy to buy Ethel's birthday gift, because every time he buys her a gift, he will never see the gift again. When Ethel laughs at the ridiculous gift, Lucy gets mad and they don't talk to each other nor work things out, but when they end up going to a play together they become the best of friends all over again.

12-13-1954 Getting Ready: The Ricardo's and the Mertzes are getting ready to go to California, and Fred ends up bringing home the oldest car in the lot, everyone ends up making him go to return the car.

1-3-1955 Lucy Learns to Drive: This episode is exactly the title, Lucy learns to drive. Which is the scariest thing New York has had to endure EVER. But when Lucy ends up taking a U-Turn in the Holland Tunnel, Ricky is scared to have her drive again. She is determined to learn, and ends up running into the old car Fred bought and the cars end up stuck together.

1-10-1955 California, Here we Come!: Everyone is all set to leave, and when Lucy's mother writes Lucy and tells her that she was coming right along, everyone decided that they were not going too. Then Lucy's mom, after hearing how long the trip would take (two weeks), she decides to take little Ricky with her on an airplane.

1-31-1955 Ethel's Home Town: The group stops off at Ethel's home town and everyone is shocked when everyone there leaks that Ethel made it sound like she was the actor to be. You do however get to hear actress Vivian Vance's beautiful singing voice.

2-7-1955 L.A. At Last: Because Ricky had a dinner with his boss, Lucy, Ethel, and Fred go to the Brown Derby to go star-hunting. William Holden sits at the booth right next to Lucy, who ended up getting Spaghetti all over Mr. Holden.

4-25-1955 In Palm Springs: When the two couples decide that they need a break from each other due to their annoying habits, the girls end up going to Palm Springs and the boys stay in L.A. That's when Rock Hudson comes in to tell a story about a woman that lost her husband due to an annoying habit.

5-2-1955 The Dancing Star: Lucy has a friend that is coming in from New York, which Lucy ended up writing her, and told her about all the movie stars she has met. Lucy ends up doing a dance gig with Van Johnson and looks absolutely beautiful.

5-9-1955 Harpo Marx: Still trying to convince her friend from New York about all the actors she has met, Lucy decides to steal the woman's glasses, which she says she cannot see two feet in front of her without. So Lucy ends up buying a whole bunch of face masks to show her friend everyone she has "met." But when she comes in as Harpo Marx, after Harpo himself made an entrance, things become more interesting.

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