Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Birds

The Birds
Released Date: May 30th, 1963
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Tippi Hedren, Suzanne Pleshette, Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, and Veronica Cartwright

     I was very excited when I heard that, about three years ago, Tippi Hedren was going to be at this area near my house where they teach acting. Tippi Hedren was going to show and talk about the Birds and I was going. When I got there, I only bought tickets to see the movie, I wasn't suppose to meet her. Because the amount of that ticket was a lot more expensive then just seeing the movie. And Tippi was still going to talk in front of the audience. I was standing near the stairs and I saw her walk in. She was a very tiny woman, a lot older, and beautiful. She had Dolly Parton type of nails and I was in awe of standing near not only a woman who I have watched for years, at least twice maybe three times a year because of the Birds, but this woman has worked with Alfred Hitchcock. I'm not sure if the people that worked there felt bad for me because I looked so excited and didn't buy a ticket, but they let me in anyway. I went up to her and we started talking about cats. We talked so long the woman that was standing with her told me to leave because I was holding up the line. Tippi just laughed and said that it was nice talking with me and that she hoped I enjoyed the movie.

     This movie is about a young woman, Melanie Daniels played by Tippi Hedren, who walks into a pet store one day. To buy herself a bird. She ends up acting like she worked there when a really good looking man walked in, Mitch Brenner played by Rod Taylor, and he is there to buy his sister love birds. They don't have any and after he left she ends up ordering the birds and has to take them to him since he left the area to go to his sister's birthday party. His sister's name is Cathy Brenner played by Veronica Cartwright. When Melanie gets to him, weird things start happening to all the birds in the area. They start attacking everyone and run into doors of homes. They go buck wild and nobody knows why. Watch as the entire Brenner family work to survive. Mitch's mother is played by a very famous woman, Jessica Tandy and the sister's teacher is played by Suzanne Pleshette. This movie is very neat but also very creepy.

     During Tippi's discussion before and after the movie, she discusses what it was like to work with Alfred Hitchcock. He apparently had a huge crush on her and wanted to have her and when she said no, he threw real birds at her. She did not like the experience and thought he was rude. She also mentioned that everyone thought she had named her own daughter after the role in the movie. It was very neat hearing her talk and meeting her. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I have.

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