Friday, August 10, 2012

The Navigator

The Navigator
Released Date: October 13, 1924
Directors: Donald Crisp, and Buster Keaton
Actors: Buster Keaton, Kathryn McGuire, and Frederick Vroom

     This was a silent film, and done by the great actor of the silent era, Buster Keaton. Keaton began his idea for this picture when he found a ship that was suppose to be torn down and thrown away. A lot of actors back in the silent era did not want to step into the sound movies because they had so much experience with silent and was not use to talking for their acting. But Buster had so much experience with the stage, he was very eager to start anew with sound moving pictures. Keaton suffered with drinking issues that started due to having so many flops with movies. He ended up dying after playing cards one night with his wife. Keaton also suffered with cancer. Even though he had a tough adult life, he made a huge impact in movie history. And one man to be honored and watched. He made a lot of comedies. So sit back and enjoy one after another. His movies are very short and also very entertaining.

     We follow, in this film, a man named Rollo (Buster Keaton). Whom is in love with a woman named Betsy (Kathryn McGuire). Before proposing, Rollo buys his love a cruise to Honolulu. He proposes and gets denied. Sad and unsure of the future, he decides to aboard the cruise alone. Rollo ends up aboard Betsy's father's ship that is suppose to be cut loose from the dock the next day. Meanwhile, Betsy is looking for her father, she goes on his ship that Rollo is also on. The ship gets cut away. Will they realize that the ship has been cut off and they are no longer able to set foot on dry land? Will they find each others company on this HUGE ship? There is only one way to find out ;) Check this movie out, I promise you no regrets. 

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