Thursday, March 28, 2013

Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title!

Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title!
Released Year: 1966
Director: Harmon Jones
Actors: Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, Richard Deacon, Joey Adams, Andy Albin, Henry Corden, Michael Ford, January Jones, Nick Adams, Steve Allen, Greg Amsterdam, Milton Berle, and Carl Reiner

     This movie was done right around a famous TV show in the 60s. You might have heard of The Dick Van Dyke Show? If you have, you will notice a few of the regulars in this funny movie. Morey Amsterdam, who also wrote this movie, Rose Marie, Richard Deacon, and Carl Reiner. Morey is a very intelligent man. Did you know that he could tell a joke on any subject? Meaning that someone could give him a word, and he would instantly give a joke! Pretty neat huh? He was also in Vaudeville and was also known for his knowledge of the bible. Watching this movie makes me pretty happy. I love watching The Dick Van Dyke Show and I love seeing all of the special relationships on the camera. Outside of the show, they were all very close, and seeing Morey and Rose Marie together in this movie is amazing. It is also funny seeing Morey and Richard Deacon getting along, for the most part... Because you will never see that on the TV show.

     Charlie Yuckapuck (Morey Amsterdam), Annie (Rose Marie) and Magda (January Jones) all work at a restaurant for a man named Mr. Travis (Richard Deacon). When Magda inherits the bookstore her recently deceased uncle left to her, Magda ends up moving to a little town. Now it is up to Charlie and Annie to help run the restaurant, Mr. Travis realizes that they are not very good workers and fires them. Best friends and on their way to help their friend Magda, Charlie and Annie are on their way to help save the bookstore. However, Charlie is in all sorts of trouble, after being fired, he then finds out that he has been mistaken by agents for a cosmonaut named Yascha Nudnik. The agents will stop at nothing to get Charlie, even if it means killing him!!

     Even though it seems like a serious film, this movie is very funny and a fun watch! Morey Amsterdam and Rose Marie are very talented actors and comediennes. 

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