Sunday, October 20, 2013


Release Date: May 11, 1944
Director: George Cukor
Actors: Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Dame May Whitty, Angela Lansbury, Barbara Everest, Emil Rameau, Edmund Breon, Halliwell Hobbes, Tom Stevenson, Heather Thatcher, Lawrence Grossmith, and Jakob Gimpel

     Angela Lansbury's birthday was not too long ago, so I thought I would write about her first movie, and one of my favorites! She was only 17, and today, at 88, she is still going strong. Ingrid Bergman is amazing in this as well, and even went to a mental institution for inspiration, pretty neat huh? Ingrid Bergman won Best Actress in a Leading role at the Oscars the following year, in 1945, this movie also won the Oscar the same year for Best Art Direction (Interior Decoration, Black and White). Nominated was Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress (Angela Lansbury), Best Writing (Screenplay), and Best Cinematography too. They sure did make a great movie!!

     Paula Alquist's (Ingrid Bergman) aunt was murdered in the house she grew up in. Paula never wanted to go back to that house, the memories, she was afraid, would forever haunt her. But when her new husband, Gregory Anton (Charles Boyer) wants to move into the house, Paula caves, and decides to go ahead and move back. Paula's fears proved correct, memories were all around, she was afraid. And to make matters worse, she starts losing her mind!!! Her husband is worried that she is ending up like her mother, who was hospitalized for mental issues many years before. But someone is watching over Paula, and it is not her loved ones that have passed. It is Brian Cameron (Joseph Cotten), who believes that it is not Paula that is mad, but her husband Gregory, that is up to no good. Is Brian correct? Their house maid, Nancy (Angela Lansbury) believes she is nuts as well. It is hard to go on with the story without giving away the ending. But I would highly recommend this classic treasure. :) enjoy!!!

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