Friday, October 25, 2013

House Of Wax

House of Wax
Released Date: April 25, 1953
Director: Andre De Toth
Actors: Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones, Paul Picerni, Roy Roberts, Angela Clarke, Paul Cavanagh, Dabbs Greer, Charles Bronson, and Reggie Rymal

     Halloween is near, which means Vincent Price is here!!! What a great movie to start your Halloween night with, while waiting for kids to arrive, put this movie in your DVD player and eat some of the chocolate you have waiting in your Halloween bowl. I would love to see this movie in 3-D, which is how the director first filmed this amazing movie. Even in 2-D, this movie pops with excitement. I enjoyed the one hour and thirty minute horror film very much, and I think you will too.

     Professor Henry Jarrod (Vincent Price) is the creator of wax art. And is super talented. He makes sculptures that will leave you shocked. He makes a great replica of the night President Lincoln was murdered at Fords Theater. The Professor even threw in John Wilkes Booth, Mrs. Lincoln, and Lincoln's box guests. You will also see Joan of Arc and Marie Antoinette. Prof. Jarrod seems very happy and enjoying his creations, but when his business partner, Matthew Burke (Roy Roberts), decides to set fire to the wax museum, Jarrod loses everything. Including, or so everyone thinks, his life!!! The fire sequence is very cool though, you can see all of the wax figures melt due to the flames.

     Time goes on, Matthew Burke is now a rich man, and dating a young woman, who appears too young. Her name is Cathy Gray (Carolyn Jones). After Burke dies by hanging himself, weird things really start to happen. Cathy then dies too, and she is found dead in bed. And her best friend, Sue Allen (Phyllis Kirk) is the one that finds her. Cathy has obviously been murdered, and while Sue is looking at her friend, she spots the killer behind the drapes, after giving out a loud scream, Sue takes off running. But the scary part about this killer, he has no face!!! More time goes on, and all of a sudden Professor Jarrod is back in business. He somehow lived through the fire, and has now opened up a new museum. The House of Wax!!! Sue and her beau, Scott Andrews (Paul Picerni) attend the opening. Sue notices something very very strange about one of the figures. It strangely looks like Cathy!!! WHAT???? Find out the intense ending, with magic wax and the magic that Vincent Price brings to his films, you'll enjoy this as much as I did!!!

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