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I Love Lucy Season Two

I Love Lucy Season Two
And Remember that I will not go over every single episode :)

9-15-1952 Job Switching: It is the girls against the guys in this funny, and memorable episode. The men decide to become house wives and the women will bring home the money. Ethel and Lucy become hired at a chocolate factory and let's just say that the job becomes stuffy and entertaining.

10-27-1952 Vacation from Marriage: When the girls decide that they want to take a break from their loving husbands, they decide to take a mini vacation by switching apartments, or should I say, Fred goes to the Ricardo's with Ricky and Lucy goes over to the Mertzes with Ethel. The girls end up stuck on the roof of the apartment complex.

11-10-1952 The Courtroom: It is The Mertzes 25th wedding anniversary and Ricky and Lucy decide to give them a TV for it. The TV ends up blowing up and they all go to court. Watch as the four best friends battle it out and end up hugging and holding hands by the end of the feud.

12-08-1952 Lucy is Enceinte: This is the sweetest episode, and one that I promise will make you cry. I know I did!!! But in this episode, Lucy needs to tell Ricky she is pregnant. She decides that the club is the best place to do so.

1-19-1953 Lucy goes to the Hospital: In this episode, again, will make you cry. It is time for Lucy to give birth and everyone at the hospital is surprised to see a creepy man with makeup in the daddy waiting room. Due to the fact that Lucy told Ricky to go onto work since the baby would take a long time to come out, they call him during his performance and he finds out that he is a brand new father.

3-9-1953 The Black Eye: Ricky remembers a time when Lucy ended up with a black eye and the Mertzes are afraid that Ricky was using his wife as a punching bag. When in reality, Ricky just threw a book and it hit her in her face. Watch as everyone ends up with a black eye.

3-30-1953: Lucy Changes her Mind: Lucy can't seem to make up her mind with anything. Clothes, food, drink, restaurant or even a movie.

6-8-1953 The Camping Trip: Lucy wants to do everything with Ricky, even read the sports page. So Ricky decides to teach her a lesson and take her on a very manly camping trip.

6-29-1953 Never Do Business with Friends: When the Mertzes decide to buy the Ricardo's old washing machine, Ricky is unsure since his dad told him when he was child, to never do business with friends.

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