Friday, November 16, 2012


     A huge thank you goes to Chris Costello. Who happens to be Lou Costello's daughter. She wrote a book on her father called Lou's On First. I'm currently reading the book and find it well written and a great read. But what I wanted to say thank you for, is that the other day on Facebook, Chris Costello wrote me and said that she really enjoyed reading my blog and was impressed :) I was very excited for the comment and had me smiling!!! It is really cool to have such an awesome critic. But also someone who I have been a fan of, well her father. Although, I am a huge fan of her book :) Thank you again Chris. That was a great start to my week :)

     If you are a huge fan of Abbott and Costello, I would recommend Chris Costello's book. It is all about her father and his journey through life. And although tough, he made it through like a champ and was a very strong man. He went from New York, and hitch-hiked all the way to California. When he hit it big, he came back to New York and met Abbott. Together they rode the fame train till they ended up separating  But always a huge fan, I will always enjoy watching their movies. I enjoy them still like I did as a kid. :) Laughing till I cry.

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