Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Robert Young

I was just watching Father Knows Best and I wanted to write about Robert Young. He was born as Robert George Young on February 22, 1907 in Chicago, Illinois. He was very quiet but always wanted to get into acting. He was getting into a Playhouse before movies in 1931. One of the first movies I ever saw him in was a movie called Navy Blue and Gold. And now, thanks to Netflix, Father Knows Best. He was a fantastic actor. In Navy Blue and Gold, which was made in 1937, he played a young man who wanted to get into the navy to get women. Thinking that the uniform was all he needed, he learned fast that it also takes being a man and a brave man at that. My personal favorite actor, James Stewart starred in the movie with him. In Father Knows Best, Young plays a father who takes care of his wife and kids, life is great and it is a happy home. The show came out and teaches us to be good honest people, just like Robert Young teaches us. Robert Young battled Alcoholism and depression in his old age. He was well loved by everyone he worked with. You can tell in the cast of Father Knows Best. Truly a happy cast.

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