Monday, November 12, 2012

One Night In The Tropics

One Night In The Tropics
Released Date: November 15, 1940
Director: A. Edward Sutherland
Actors: Allan Jones, Nancy Kelly, Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Robert Cummings, Mary Boland, William Frawley, Peggy Moran, Leo Carrillo, and Don Alvarado

     By this time, Abbott and Costello had hit it big on the radio. Both Abbott and Costello were in vaudeville in the beginning of their careers. They decided to become a team, and the rest they say is history. This is the first movie they made together, and it was memorable. Just check out that cast. Most movie premieres are held in New York or California, but this movie was held in Paterson, New Jersey, which is the hometown of Lou Costello.

     We follow Jim "Lucky" Moore (Allan Jones) as he decides to help out his best friend Steve Harper (Robert Cummings). Steve is about to get married and needs to file for "Love Insurance." He is about to marry the beautiful Cynthia Merrick (Nancy Kelly) which is fast known for Steve says "Oh Cynthia" a lot in the beginning due to the happiness of his getting engaged. What does this Love Insurance entail? Well for starters Lucky's firm will lose a lot of money if Steve and Cynthia don't get married. And also that the finance man is a Night Club owner by the name of Roscoe (William Frawley). Lucky soon realizes that the money is not very important when he falls head over heels for Cynthia. Now we have a triangle? Wrong, there is a forth person in the mix. A girl that has been in love with Steve for a long time, Mickey (Peggy Moran). She's going to make it rather tricky for Steve. What will end up happening? I can tell you one thing!! You get to watch a fast version of "Who's on First."

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