Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas In Connecticut

Christmas In Connecticut
Released Date: August 11, 1945
Director: Peter Godfrey
Actors: Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, Sydney Greenstreet, Reginald Gardiner, S.Z. Sakall, Robert Shayne, Una O'Connor, Frank Jenks, Joyce Compton, Dick Elliott, and Betty Alexander

     I'll tell you why this is a great Christmas movie. First off, as a person, what do we enjoy? Food? Holiday happiness? Love? Military (no matter where you are)? Well this has everything in it. This is a great film, and one that I have enjoyed many times. When I first saw this movie on a shelf at a store, I didn't think it looked that great. But because of the picture on the DVD case, it did look cute at least. And then I bought it, since it was on sale too. I took it home and watched it. And I fell in love. It is cute, for sure, but it is more than that. It is funny, you can almost taste the food they describe. I hope you'll watch it and fall in love too.

     Jefferson Jones (Dennis Morgan) is stuck on a raft for a few weeks, starving and thirsty. Clearly in the military and waiting for their ship to come in, literally. Along with his partner Sinkewicz (Frank Jenks). Finally saved and being taken care of at a hospital, Jeff is hungry and unable to eat a fulfilling breakfast/lunch/dinner because of how long he was without food. He tries to get a better meal by making his nurse believe he is in love with her.
     Meanwhile, Elizabeth Lane (Barbara Stanwyck) is a very popular author. She writes a column in a magazine, about making a home made meals in the country for her child and husband. However, she lives in an apartment alone, and in the city. Far away from the country.  Alexander Yardley (Sydney Greenstreet) gets a letter from Jeff's nurse. Alexander is the magazine's top man, and is the boss of Miss. Lane. The nurse wanted to marry Jeff, and figured that the reason he did not want to get married was because he didn't know how wonderful a home cooked meal is, and also how wonderful having a family is. She wants him to spend Christmas with Elizabeth Lane, and to be fed everyday with her wonderful cooking. Thankfully, John Sloan (Reginald Gardiner), who is in love with Elizabeth, also owns a farm in Connecticut. So he proposes to her, and she says okay since she wants to keep her job. Even though she does not love John. So there, Elizabeth, in one big swoop, has a farm, and a husband. All she needs is to learn how to cook, and also a baby. Thankfully John's maid watches a baby for a nearby neighbor and Elizabeth has a friend that cooks for her. Felix Bassenak (S.Z. Sakall) is a cute little guy that is an amazing cook and makes everything that Elizabeth writes about. You will be a happy camper watching this film, and will feel like you really are in the country. Will Elizabeth end up marrying a man she does not love? Will Jeff end up marrying a woman he really doesn't love? Or will the two fall in love, and end up together? Watch and find out :}


  1. I love this movie, it's one of my childhood favs.

  2. I'm glad to hear the great taste :D