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A Place In The Sun

A Place In The Sun
Released Date: October 11, 1951
Director: George Stevens
Actors: Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters, Anne Revere, Keefe Brasselle, Fred Clark, Raymond Burr, Herbert Heyes, Shepperd Strudwick, Frieda Inescort, and Kathryn Givney

     This movie is based on a book by Theodore Dreiser called An American Tragedy. Which the book was based on a real life story about a man by the name of Chester Gillette. Try to not look up Chester Gillette online before watching the movie, it will give away the ending ;)

     When I think of classic beauty, a few names come to mind... Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Bette Grable and.. You got it, Elizabeth Taylor. Classic handsome falls under Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable and.. You got it, Montgomery Clift. The two worked together and became lifelong friends, until Clift's death in 1966. You may have heard about the car accident that involved Montgomery Clift, it was Elizabeth Taylor's house that he was leaving when the accident occurred, and it was Taylor that found him.

     Poor George Eastman (Montgomery Clift), is on his way to see his extremely rich uncle, Charles Eastman (Herbert Heyes). George starts working for his uncle in his factory and tries hard to impress him. The one rule that is given to George, is that he cannot date any of the girls he works with. So what does he do? He ends up dating a coworker, Alice Tripp (Shelley Winters). They go out a few times, and fall in love. George ends up going to a party at his uncles house. He starts to talk to a very attractive and popular girl, Angela Vickers (Elizabeth Taylor). And once again, the boy is in love. Which causes a huge fight between George and Alice. When Alice announces that she is pregnant, she believes that this means marriage with George before she starts to show. A big vacation from work is coming up, and Alice wants that time spent getting married and going on a honeymoon. But Angela wants George to go to her lake house. What will he do? He ends up going to the lake house, but telling Alice that he is going with his uncle, NOT Angela. But a newspaper reveals the truth, and Alice sees what he is really up to. She is not happy, and threatens George and wants to get married right away. What does George do? How does he keep Alice from finding out his second life, or is he able to keep that news away? Find out by watching this very shocking film, based on a true story, a true Love Triangle.

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