Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Love Crazy

Love Crazy
Released Date: May 23, 1941
Director: Jack Conway
Actors: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Gail Patrick, Jack Carson, Florence Bates, Sidney Blackmer, Sig Ruman, Vladimir Sokoloff, Donald MacBride, Sara Haden, Kathleen Lockhart, Fern Emmett, Joseph Crehan, and George Meeker

     Have you ever seen William Powell without a mustache? Well this happens to be one movie you can watch and see Powell without his mustache. He shaves it during a very Creepy scene where he dresses up as a woman. This also happens to be the tenth movie where Powell and Myrna Loy are paired together. This movie was so great, I just watched it for the first time, and I wanted to share it with you. I have not written about a movie in a while, and thought I would start myself off again with my favorite film couple.

     Setting: Mrs. Cooper (Florence Bates) is on her way to visit her daughter.... Steve Ireland (William Powell) is on his way to have dinner with his wife, on their anniversary might I add.... Susan Ireland (Myrna Loy) is getting ready to have a very special dinner with her husband and to go on their annual walk. The same walk they did on their first night as husband and wife, and now their fourth time coming. Martha (Fern Emmett) is cooking for the Ireland's.... Isobel Kimble Grayson (Gail Patrick) and Ward Willoughby (Jack Carson) are doing their own thing, not together.....

      Scene: Steve is on the elevator to his apartment to have dinner with his bride, when the elevator gets stuck. But the elevator operator gets the wheels in motion again, and Steve gets to the apartment in one piece. The Ireland's are discussing their night plans when all of a sudden, Mrs. Ireland's mother comes in. With a hideous rug and a loud mouth. Mrs. Cooper, Susan's mother, is to meet a relative at the train station but decides to crash the night by eating dinner with them. Mrs. Cooper, meanwhile, asked Steve to mail a letter for her, and he leaves the apartment to go do so. On his way back up he runs into his ex girlfriend, Isobel, on the elevator. She too is married. They get stuck and Steve ends up getting hurt with his head hanging out of the elevator door. So Isobel asks him to her apartment so that she can give him some alcohol and so that he can have a little rest before leaving. When Steve finally gets back, the mother in law is on his tail about the fact that he was in this other woman's apartment. After dinner it is time for Mrs. Cooper to leave and grab the relative but she ends up slipping because of the rug. Now she has a hurt ankle and will need to stay for a couple of hours to rest her legs. So Susan ends up leaving to go get the relative. While Steve stays at home with his mother in law. Steve ends up talking to Isobel again outside, because her apartment is right below, and the deck is right there. Guess who heard the conversation between Isobel and Steve? If you guessed the mother in law, you are correct! Which has poor Susan upset when she returns back home. She decides to teach her husband a lesson by going into Ward Willoughby's apartment. Poor guy had no idea what was happening. What do you think ends up happening? A divorce? A break? Or just a fast makeup? Find out by watching this very cute, very fun and very funny film with the cutest on screen couple.

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