Sunday, February 17, 2013

Evelyn Prentice

Evelyn Prentice
Released Date: November 9, 1934
Director: William K. Howard
Actors: William Powell, Myrna Loy, Una Merkel, Rosalind Russell, Isabel Jewell, Harvey Stephens, Edward Brophy, and Henry Wadsworth

     I was very shocked to learn that the very funny, also very young Rosalind Russell appears in this movie. This is her film debut, which showed the world a great actress. This also happens to be William Powell and Myrna Loy's third movie together, out of fourteen. Most of the movies that Powell and Loy do together are comedies, this movie shows us that the pair can also be serious, and as dramatic as this film is, it shows that the two have great range. Myrna Loy is still so cool in this picture, and of course, Powell is still so laid back, the chemistry is still there, but also emotion.

     Evelyn Prentice (Myrna Loy) is married to a well respected lawyer, John Prentice (William Powell). The two have a daughter together Dorothy Prentice (Cora Sue Collins), and are going through a rough patch. She feels neglected, due to her husband being away at work a lot. Evelyn Prentice becomes involved with a poet and playwright, but whom also has a very jealous girlfriend. But Evelyn does this after finding out that her husband has been taking out his beautiful client. But when Evelyn becomes possibly responsible for a murder, will that end the marriage between Mr. and Mrs. Prentice? Did Evelyn actually murder someone or was it all a misunderstanding? Find out by watching this movie, from TCM Spotlight entertainment. The film collection can be in your hands.


  1. This is actually neck and neck with "Manhattan Melodrama" as my favorite of the Powell/Loy pairings. They were so wonderful together.

    The film was remade in 1939, as "Stronger Than Desire," with Walter Pidgeon and Virginia Bruce in the lead roles.

    1. I agree :) They are great together, and definitely my favorite on screen couple :)

      I did not know that this movie was remade, did you see that remake?