Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Born To Be Bad

Born To Be Bad
Released Date: August 27, 1950
Director: Nicholas Ray
Actors: Mel Ferrer, Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan, Zachary Scott, Joan Leslie, Harold Vermilyea, Virginia Farmer

     Joan Fontaine almost always plays the good girl. So here is your chance to see a whole other side of her and one that you will not approve of.

     Donna Foster (Joan Leslie) and Curtis Carey (Zachary Scott) are madly in love and will marry soon. Donna works for a man who needs her to take care of his niece. Christabel Caine (Joan Fontaine) is the niece and is very much a problem from the word go. You can tell by her charm that she is indeed into two guys. Nick Bradly (Robert Ryan) who is a writer, but at this moment, is not financially stable. But she is also into Curtis, who is not available at all. In fact, he only shares care for her as a friend. Curtis however is rich, and then becomes unsure that his fiance is marrying him for him or for his money. Christabel makes sure that he does not marry the girl of his dreams, to be with her. She does not realize how much Nick meant to her, until she looses him. By the end, does Christabel get her ending she deserves, or does Nick fall in love with her lies once more? Mel Ferrer plays a very talented painter, Gabriel "Gobby" Broome. He is a very talented actor and very easy on the eyes. :)


  1. I completely and totally adore Robert Ryan, so I quite enjoy this film. Just as the role is a change of pace for Joan Fontaine, so, too, is it a change of pace for Ryan, who was quite often a villain in a film.

    1. I loved him in this movie!!! He was very cute in this. I recognized him, but I don't know where else I've seen him. And I really thought Zachary Scott was cute!! I was in complete shock how Joan Fontaine turned out in this film. But I loved watching this.