Wednesday, August 28, 2013

National Velvet

National Velvet
Released Date: January 26, 1945
Director: Clarence Brown
Actors: Mickey Rooney, Elizabeth Taylor, Donald Crisp, Anne Revere, Angela Lansbury, Jackie "Butch" Jenkins, and Juanita Quigley

     After the movie was made, Elizabeth Taylor got to keep the horse. But did you know, that Elizabeth Taylor had a lot of back issues. And it was from riding a horse, around this time that she got back issues. She jammed a few of her vertebra and did not get it checked out for many years later. I enjoyed watching this movie for many reasons. I love Elizabeth Taylor, and Angela Lansbury. The mother in this, Anne Revere is a great actress. Seeing Elizabeth Taylor with one of her loves, horses, is a pure enjoyment.

     Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor) is a huge horse lover. She meets Mi Taylor (Mickey Rooney) one day while she was out watching a horse running around while Mi was out walking the dusty road. Her family decides to let Mi in off of the streets. Mi does not have a home after his father died years before. Velvet's family is very loving and takes in Mi without questions. Back to how Mi and Velvet met, Velvet always watches Pie, a horse she finds beautiful and loves from a distance. The owner of the horse decides to get rid of her after Pie ran loose through the town. So they have a raffle and Velvet wins. Mi, was a horse rider for a while but then after a horrible accident, decided not to ride anymore. But he takes time and teaches Velvet the ends and out of riding on a track. One day, Mi tells Velvet about a horse race in England. It's a huge race that even the queen shows up for. Mi gets everything together, the money to get the Pie in the race, to find a rider and to get the horse over to the race. When the rider shows his heart is not in the right place, Velvet decides to ride instead. But females are not allowed to ride the horses, but Velvet takes it on. She even has Mi cut her hair short. Does she win? Do they find out that a girl rode Pie? Find out by watching this amazing movie :) I enjoyed it a lot and hope that you do too. 

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