Sunday, June 29, 2014

Katharine Hepburn

     I have always been a huge fan of the stronger actresses, like Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, Carole Lombard and this post subject, Katharine Hepburn. I can't imagine life without our heroes. Our family members, our friends, and our actors/actresses. The reason I speak of them is because 11 years ago today, Miss Hepburn died. 

     She had great childhood, her father was a doctor, and her mother was women's rights activist. So she came from a smart family. She lived in Connecticut, and had sisters and a brother. She was a tomboy, always. And wasn't afraid to admit it. When she was very young, she found her brother, who was her hero and best friend, dead. He had hung himself. For many years, she believed in her heart, that it was an accident. Telling people that her father had taught them how to hang themselves without killing themselves. In my opinion, I believe she told herself this story to help herself along. I cannot imagine the pain she went through, and to have been so young.

     As an adult, thankfully, she turned to acting. She played sports like a pro. Tennis, basketball, swimming, and golf. She golfed real well. And you can see her talent of golf in the movies Bringing Up Baby and Pat and Mike. Pat and Mike also stars the love of her life, Spencer Tracy. I can't imagine a more talented couple. The two of them stared in a lot of great movies together, and their love shows in all of them. They were together twenty-four years, which was until his death. She could never watch the last movie they made, which was also his last because she thought it would be too hard to get through. 

     In her older age, she wrote a biography titled "Me," she was a four time Oscar winner, twelve time Oscar nominator and was also the number one woman in AFI's pick of best actresses. Pretty cool huh? These are the movies I recommend with her as the star:

Little Women (1933)
Stage Door
Bringing Up Baby
The Philadelphia Story
Woman of the Year
Adams Rib
African Queen
Pat and Mike
Desk Set
Suddenly Last Summer

Enjoy! I did.


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