Thursday, July 17, 2014


Released Date: July 31, 1953
Director: John Sturges
Actors: Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, Ralph Meeker, and Lee Aaker

     Barbara Stanwyck can do anything. She was brilliant. Yesterday was her birthday and so TCM showed some of her movies, along with Ginger Rogers, because it was also her birthday. But this movie was one I had never seen before, and I'm glad I saw it. It was intense!!!

     Doug Stilwin (Barry Sullivan), his wife Helen (Barbara Stanwyck) and their son Bobby (Lee Aaker) are on vacation. They are driving through Mexico, and are headed to a beach house that Doug use to stay at with an old friend of his. They finally arrive, and Bobby decides to go play on the beach. They are near a dock and Bobby goes on it and plays. Helen calls for her son because it is time to eat, and when Bobby started to walk off of the dock, his foot gets stuck. So Doug goes up to help his son. Bobby gets off of the dock okay, but while Doug was walking on one part of the dock, he falls through and lands on the sand. Sadly,  his foot gets stuck under some pilings and he can't get out. He tells Helen to go get a big rope to tie to the piling and then to the car to pull him out.  But she needs help so she goes to find a rope and to get another person. She meets another American, Lawson (Ralph Meeker), who happens to be a fugitive. He takes over the car but will he help Doug? Find out, by watching this amazingly tense film, with some great actors and one hell of an actress. 

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