Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Man with the Cloak

The Man With the Cloak
Released Year: 1951
Director: Fletcher Markle
Actors: Joseph Cotton, Barbara Stanwyck, Louis Calhern, Leslie Caron, Joe De Santis, Jim Backus, Margaret Wycherly, Richard Hale, Nicholas Joy, Roy Roberts, Mitchell Lewis, Lynette Bryant, and Steve Carruthers

     Joseph Cotton and Barbara Stanwyck? The fact that the two of them are in this movie, it must be good. It truly is a good movie. Not the best I've seen with Cotton or Stanwyck, but it held my attention and it was a lot of fun. It has a cool quote from Edgar Allen Poe and it is really creepy. Not in the common way most movies are considered creepy, but... You'll see ;)

     Madeline Minot (Leslie Caron) goes to America to see her fiance's grandfather, Charles Francois Thevenet (Louis Calhern). When she first arrives to America, she goes to find the man's home, and does not believe she has the right address. So she goes to a bar nearby to ask where the house is. There she meets Dupin (Joseph Cotton), and they become fast friends. She is told that the address she has is correct and she goes to see him. When she arrives, she is told that he is very sick and Lorna Bounty (Barbara Stanwyck) tries to keep Madeline from seeing him. But Madeline goes straight into the grandfather's room and talks with him and she is able to stay. Madeline has a feeling that Lorna and the other people in the house are trying to kill her fiance's grandfather. Is she correct? I guess you'll have to watch this movie to find out ;)

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