Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Three Comrades

Three Comrades
Released Date: June 3, 1938
Director: Frank Borzage
Actors: Robert Taylor, Margaret Sullavan, Franchot Tone, Robert Young, Guy Kibbee, Lionel Atwill, Henry Hull, Charley Grapewin, and Monty Woolley

     I love watching the young, Robert Young movies. Around the 30s period was, in my opinion, his best work. Besides of course, Father Knows Best. Robert Young replaced Spencer Tracy for this movie, and James Stewart was considered for a roll in this as well. Which makes me wounder how that would have turned out. Robert Taylor did a good job in this, but his rolls always remind me of that guy in school that thinks he is just really hot. Which he was, don't get me wrong, but the way he treated Barbara Stanwyck... Sorry that's my girl.

     This movie is set in Germany after WWI. We follow the three comrades, Erich Lohkamp (Robert Taylor), Otto Koster (Franchot Tone) and Gottfried Lenz (Robert Young). They are best friends with the love of their country. They were in war together, and after, they started their own car mechanics company. One day, the three comrades were out driving together, when they get into a race with Alfons (Guy Kibbee). In the car with Alfons, is Patricia Hollmann (Margaret Sullavan). Erich falls madly in love and starts to date Patricia on a regular basis. When one day, everyone around them starts to say that the two should get married. So they do. Little did Erich know, but Patricia is sick. He finds out she is sick during their honeymoon. Will she recover so they can live a long and happy life together? Find out!!! By watching this cute movie. 

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