Saturday, February 4, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock

So, I'm so very sorry that I have not been writing on here in a long while. Kind of had a set back because the house has been having a lot of renovations and the computer area in our basement is filled right now. I'm not even using the regular computer I use right now. I'm using my aunt's laptop.

Anyways I decided that my first blog when coming back would be about Alfred Hitchcock. I'll tell you what I love about his movies and what makes him so well liked and popular.

 He is amazing for a lot of reasons. His movies have been a very good good relaxation time when getting off of work, before going to bed, movie time one summer night, snowy days, rainy nights, something to watch while sick, and also something to watch with a friend. I remember watching Psycho with my best friend from high school after playing outside in the snow :)

One thing that I don't know if everyone knows, something I have always thought was rather neat is that he made all sorts of movies. And what I mean by that is he made silent movies, black and white, color, 3D (the first 3D movie), scary, suspense, a comedy and of course home made movies too. That is something I have always found rather neat.

He has also worked with some of hollywoods most famous, beautiful, talented women and men as well. Grace Kelly, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Joseph Cotten, Teresa Wright, Bette Davis (tv show), Janet Leigh, ect. He is also known for his jokes on set. The man had a very dry witty sense of humor and was very good at knowing where the camera should go. He was very talented and very well known. Actors and Actresses must have been proud and excited to have worked with him.

I'm sorry again for not writing a lot lately but I promise I am back :)
I'll talk to you guys again real soon. And as Alfred  Hitchcock would say "good evening" :)

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