Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Holiday Affair

Holiday Affair
Released Date: December 24, 1949
Director: Don Hartman
Actors: Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, Wendell Corey, and Gordon Gebert

     I have always enjoyed Christmas movies. As you all know, Christmas movies can only be seen once a year where as every other movie can be watched at anytime of the year, even at Christmas. Black and White is naturally my favorite type of Christmas movie. Well Black and White is my favorite type of movie, period. My favorite is of course It's a Wonderful Life. And all of the clay-mation films that they show on ABC family every year. But this movie too, has become one of my favorites. And the cool thing is, I found it one day because I was home from work due to a snow day. I was curled up in our basement watching TCM nearly the entire day, and this movie came on. This movie oddly enough became popular because of TCM. This movie was not popular when it first came out.

     Holiday Affair is about a young single mother named Connie Ennis, played by Janet Leigh. She is a comparison shopper and for her job ends up buying a train at a store in the same mall she works in. The man who soled her the train was Steve Mason, played by Robert Mitchum. Connie does have a son, Timmy, who she says the train is for. Steve knew better, for she had the right amount already for him and knew what she wanted and did not even ask questions. She did end up taking it home and sadly enough, her son Timmy thought the train was his. He finds out about the train because he takes a peek at the present. Connie takes the train back the next day and because Steve has a soft spot for Connie, does not write her up for being a comparison shopper, then he himself gets fired for not doing so. Connie ends up taking him out for lunch that day. And when she gets home to her son and fiance, Carl Davis, who is played by Wendell Corey, Steve is not with her but ends up coming to her house that day with the presents he was carrying for her. Carl is not happy. He ends up jealous at first but when he realizes that the woman he loves is in love with someone else, well you will have to watch the movie to find out. This movie is very cute and rather short, less than an hour and half. But I love it, and I think you will too.

     Robert Mitchum was a bad boy of his time. He smoked weed and was caught with it and did time in the big house because of it. This movie was suppose to lighten up his image a bit after his drug/jail time. But Mr. Mitchum did weed, reportedly for the rest of his life. Even after he ended up getting lung cancer. He was a great looking guy, one of which I rather think is hot for back in the day. But he was a very tough man. He was a boxer at one point in his life. His eyes, you'll notice are very saggy, almost pug like (I'm not sure if that is why I think he is good looking), which he says is because of his boxing days and also insomnia. He died the day before Jimmy Stewart.

     Janet Leigh was at the top of her game that year, for she even came out with Little Women that year as well. She is the mother of actress Jamie Lee Curtis and was discovered by an actress named Norma Shearer from a picture that was on Miss Leigh's father's desk. Janet Leigh and I share the same birthday, July 6. However, we are not born the same year, in case you were wondering.

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