Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Love Lucy Season One

     In this blog I'm doing episodes from the first season of I Love Lucy, please bare with me since I have not done a TV show before, or at least episode information. I also want to let you all know that I am not planning on doing every episode since I have not seen all of them. But please let me know what you think, there is a comment or suggestion area of these things and I would love feedback.

10-29-1951    The Diet: There is a part in a show and Lucy sneaks into it. But the costume is only a size 12, so Lucy brings it upon herself to lose weight and fast. So she starves herself and does steams to lose that weight.

11-15-51     Lucy Thinks Ricky is trying to Murder her: In this episode, Lucy hears the end of a phone conversation between Ricky and someone down at the studio. Between the phone conversation and a murder mystery book Lucy is reading, she is convinced Ricky is trying to murder her. My favorite part is when Ricky closes his desk drawer after pulling out a fake gun and he shuts the drawer, Lucy does a dramatic fall to the couch since she believes he has shot her and is waiting for death.

12-10-51     The Fur Coat: Ricky brings home a fur coat which is for an act. But Lucy thinks it is hers. And she never parts ways with it. Ricky can't find the heart to tell her it's not hers so Ethel ends up being the bad guy. To get back at Ricky, Lucy buys a fake one and cuts the coat up with scissors right in front of Ricky. He about has a heart attack.

12-24-51     Drafted: In this episode, Lucy is convinced that Ricky has been drafted into the army, and Ethel believes that Fred enlisted. Because of their tears, both of the boys believe their wives are pregnant. Both women and both men decide to throw a party with friends. The boys are to have a surprise going away party and the girls are to have a conjoined baby shower.

1-28-52     Lucy Fakes an Illness: Lucy pretends to be sick and Ricky knows it. So he hires an actor to play doctor. The actor is to give horrible news to the almost late Mrs. Ricardo.

3-17-52     The Moustache: Ricky is growing a moustache for a part in a moving picture. Lucy hates it and begs him to shave. When he refuses, she glues a moustache on her upper lip to teach Ricky a lesson. The moustache turns out to be a difficult lesson to remove.

3-31-52     Pioneer Women: It's a contest between Fred and Ricky against Lucy and Ethel. They re to not use any modern appliances. Everyone is enjoying it till Lucy ends up making bread that she could share with everyone in New York.

4-28-52     The Freezer: In this exciting episode, Lucy ends up buying a walk in meat locker. She ends up being frozen meat herself when she locks herself inside the freezer. On a good note, everyone ends up with enough meat to last two or three years.

5-5-52     Lucy does a TV commercial: This is probably I Love Lucy's most famous episode. Lucy becomes a drunk Vitameatavegamin girl.

Please check me out tomorrow for the next seasons greats.


  1. I love the last one :) Very funny. I still like the chocolate conveyer belt one :) haha

  2. hahaha the Chocolate conveyer belt one is very funny. :)