Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Mr. And Mrs. Smith
Released Date: January 31, 1941
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Carole Lombard, Robert Montgomery, Gene Raymond, Jack Carson, Philip Merivale, Lucile Watson, and William Tracy

     Alfred Hitchcock did a comedy? A comedy done by Alfred Hitchcock? That's a little strange, and also unheard of. But Carole Lombard talked Mr. Hitchcock in making this screwball comedy. As a matter of fact, Carole Lombard directed Mr. Hitchcock's cameo in this film. It is also said that during the filming Carole Lombard, who is a Democrat, would, between takes, go outside and put Franklin D. Roosevelt stickers on Robert Montgomery's car who, as you well know, happens to be a Republican. Carole Lombard was the woman who made Screwball Comedy's a type of movie. She made a movie back in the beginning of her career that was a very popular comedy. The film credits made a commit about how it was a screwball comedy and then that is where the term, Screwball Comedy, came to be. Also during this time, Cary Grant was known for comedies. Alfred Hitchcock wanted his friend and also the actor who is credited for four Hitchcock pictures to play in this film.

     Ann Smith (Carole Lombard) asks her husband David Smith (Robert Montgomery) a question every morning. She asks these questions to keep their marriage up to date on information and also to get to know her husband a little bit better everyday. One morning the question is "if you had to do it all over again, would you want to be married?" His awful answer came to him rather quickly and was not the answer she had wanted. He said no. Not because he didn't love her, but because he would have just liked to be a bachelor a little longer. Travel, spend time alone. But unfortunately they are told that they are not technically married due to the fact that the state they were married in was not legal between certain dates and they married in that time period. So Ann decides to change her last name to her maiden and also get a job. Which back then, she could work at a store but she also had to be single. Which he goes in mad and gets her fired within the first week. Ann also dates around a bit, and the man happens to be a college of David's. Will they get back together? Will they get married again? You will have to watch this movie to find out. :) You will not be disappointed in watching this funny screwball comedy. I promise. And it is Alfred Hitchcock. And you cannot go wrong with a movie done by him, now can you? Alfred Hitchcock can do anything. This movie proves it. You can go from this movie and then right after pop in Psycho. 

     Alfred Hitchcock's granddaughter was talking on the movies special features, and told a story that her grandma, Mrs. Hitchcock, use to tell. It was about how the Hitchcocks went on vacation after Carole Lombard died. While on the train, they were told that Clark Gable, who was married to Carole Lombard when she died, was also on the train. They went up and down the train till they found him to say how sorry they were of her passing. When they finally found him, he was so distraught and not the same man that he use to be. He was very depressed by her passing. She died in a plane crash just two years after this movie was made. She died with her mother. 

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