Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Confess

I Confess
Released Date: March 22, 1953
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter, Karl Malden, Brian Aherne, O.E. Hasse, Roger Dann, Dolly Haas, and Charles Andre

     Alfred Hitchcock grew up as a Catholic. This movie is based on a priest and shows a very difficult situation that he cannot control due to the priest law. Montgomery Clift, being a huge star at this point, and also a stud muffin did a great job playing a priest. He even studied how priests walk and copied to perfection. This was a great trait Clift had, and is why a lot of directors loved working with him. However, he did experience a lot of health issues during his adult hood. Was in a huge car crash that changed his face, and was diagnosed with stomach issues most of his adult life. He died at very young age even, and Marilyn Monroe, who was noted as having a lot of problems even quoted, "he's the only man I know with more problems than I have." He did have a drinking issue during this movie, and during a ferry scene in this picture. Alfred Hitchcock hated confrontation and had his assistant director and actor Karl Malden, talk to him about his drinking habits while working.

     In the beginning of this movie, you can spot Alfred Hitchcock walking the top of a staircase during the opening sequence. Father Michael Logan (Montgomery Clift) is the priest at this Catholic church in Quebec, Canada. With Otto Keller (O.E. Hasse) and his wife Alma (Dolly Haas, also the name of Alfred Hitchcock's wife) working as the housekeeper in the said church, Otto is also rather close with Father Logan. He gave the Keller's a place to stay and trusted them as well when nobody else would. Ruth Grandfort (Anne Baxter) use to be the love interest of Logan and because of the war she ended up getting married. So when Logan came home, once he found out of her marriage and also having a change of heart, became a priest. Ruth and Logan had an appointment with a man that happened to be murdered the day before the appointment. Inspector Larrue (Karl Malden) suspected Father Logan. Nobody else suspected the kind man, but due to information, Logan is the only suspect. But due to a confession of the actual murderer himself, Logan is unable to reveal the truth. Will the truth ever surface? Will Father Logan survive the accusations? Find out by watching this amazing film directed by the amazing director himself. 

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