Monday, July 9, 2012

To Catch A Thief

To Catch A Thief 
Released Year: 1955
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis, John Williams, Charles Vanel, Brigitte Auber, Jean Marinelli, and Georgette Anys

     This movie is very much a personal film on a lot of levels. Cary Grant had to spend a lot of his growing up  working because his father left him and his mother was in a psych ward. So Mr. Grant was working as a trapeze artist in the circus. The picture showed a lot of Grant's talents by making his walk in straight lines and walking very cat like as well. Also, Grace Kelly has a scene in this movie where she is driving on a windy road on a mountain. When Grace Kelly died, she was princess of Monaco and was driving with her daughter on the very road that she drives in this film. Kelly had a stroke and died while driving that day. This movie also has one of Alfred Hitchcock's regulars, John Williams. Whom you can spot in a lot of his movies as well as his hit TV show.

     John Robie (Cary Grant), the cat thief, is an ex jewel thief, who retired from the crime scene some time ago. Now he lives in the South of France and is happily crime free. But sadly there becomes a line of jewels gone missing exactly how John Robie stole and the same type of jewels from different homes around the South of France, where John Robie lives and is of course suspected. He knows he is innocent and needs to show everyone else that he is too. So he hires this insurance man H. H. Hughson (John Williams) to give him a list of the most expensive jewel owners on the Riviera. John Robie's plan, is to catch this thief red handed. Francie Stevens (Grace Kelly) becomes Robie's interest who also happens to be one of the rich owners of expensive jewels. She teases him by dangling her jewels in his face, but he does not seem interested in her jewels, only her. Does John Robie ever catch this thief? Does he get in trouble for a crime he no longer commits? Watch and see if John Robie only catches the girl and not be the one to get caught by the police.

     One other piece of juicy gossip, the actress in this movie Brigitte Auber had lost her father before the filming of the movie. So her and Alfred Hitchcock, who had lost his daughter due to her marriage some years beforehand, grew a father and daughter like relationship. But one day, years after the movie was made and released, Brigitte and Hitchcock had dinner one night. He drove her home, to where she lived with her boyfriend at the time. Outside of the house, Alfred Hitchcock leaned in for a kiss. Auber said she was very upset, she thought of him as a father figure and had no idea he had a crush on her. She never got over that, and they never had the same relationship again. 

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