Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Released Date: November 14, 1941
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Nigel Bruce, and Dame May Whitty

     Joan Fontaine won Best Actress for her performance in this movie, and it happens to be the only Oscar Winning Performance done in a Hitchcock film. Joan is the sister of actress Olivia De Havilland, the two sisters barely get along. Both alive, and both frustrated with each other. Joan won that year for Best Actress and her sister was up for the award too. Olivia was very mad with her sister for winning that year. Another piece of cool trivia, the dog in this movie is Alfred Hitchcock's own dog, a Sealyham Terrier. You can also see this breed in Hitchcock's other movie, The Birds. Hitch was a huge animal lover.

     Quiet and shy Lina McLaidlaw (Joan Fontaine) is on a train and she ends up in the same room as the outgoing playboy, Johnnie Aysgarth (Cary Grant). Johnnie ends up seeing her one day at the horse track and then one day they end up going to Church together, or should I say, that is where they were suppose to go. Instead they head off for a walk. They end up falling in love, which is crazy to everyone since they are both so different. Because Lina's parents don't approve of Johnnie, they end up eloping. Afterwards, Lina finds out that her husband is not at all what he seems. Yes, he is very suave and charming, but he is also broke and is also a pretty big liar. Lina asks her husband to search for a job. He ends up with one, but later gets fired. But then Johnnie and his friend Beaky (Nigel Bruce) decide to go into business together. Lina is still worried since Johnnie is broke and Beaky would end up paying for all of the business before it would make any sort of profit. Will they end up in business together? Does the movie end with everyone happy? This is an Alfred Hitchcock movie, can something go wrong? Find out by watching this unforgettable film by the master. 

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