Saturday, October 27, 2012

All Mine To Give

All Mine To Give
Released Year: 1957
Director: Allen Reisner
Actors: Glynis Johns, Cameron Mitchell, Rex Thompson, Patty McCormack, Ernest Truex, Hope Emerson, Alan Hale Jr., Sylvia Field, Royal Dano, Reta Shaw, Stephen Wootton, Butch Bernard, Yolanda White, Rita Johnson, Ellen Corby, and Rosalyn Boulter

     This movie, although sad is a holiday movie. The movie is cute, sweet and at times funny. But the ending is rather surprising. You will see the actress the that plays the evil daughter in The Bad Seed, Patty McCormack. Which I keep imagining her turning into an evil little girl and killing everyone in sight, but I promise, that isn't the tragic end's story.

     When Robert (Cameron Mitchell) and Jo (Glynis Johns) Eunson move from Scotland to Wisconsin, they get a warm welcome in their new home of Eureka. They become friends with the whole town, and Robert starts his own boat building business. The couple start a family, and end up with not one, not two but six kids. Life is great in the Eunson's household. Till diphtheria hits the family. First one of their son's gets hit of the disease and recovers. But sadly the father gets it and dies. Next the mother dies of typhoid, but on her deathbed, Jo asks her eldest son, Robbie (Rex Thompson), to take care of the family. Now Robbie must find what to do on Christmas day so his siblings will get a good meal and a happy ending. Will Robbie be able to do so after the tragic end of his parents? Or will the family end up alone in the house they grew up in?

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