Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes
Released Date: November 1, 1938
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Paul Lukas, Dame May Whitty, Cecil Parker, Linden Travers, Naunton Wayne, and Basil Radford

     When watching this movie, keep an eye out for the director. Hitchcock can be seen near the end, at Victoria Station, wearing a black coat and he will be smoking a cigarette (not his normal cigar). Also notice that the movie is suppose to be set far and wide, but the actual set was only ninety feet long, crazy huh? Once again proving Hitchcock a great director. This movie was so popular that the famous Orson Welles watched this movie eleven times! And also Francois Truffaut said that this was Hitchcock's best picture and is Hitch at his best. Another neat piece of trivia, Vivien Leigh tested for the role that Margaret Lockwood won.

     When a avalanche traps a group of train travelers in the mountains, luckily a small village next to the tracks which also holds a hotel for the passengers. You will notice the guests are two British men, Caldicott (Naunton Wayne) and Charters (Basil Radford), the two happen to be more upset over a cricket match. And then also a group of young woman, three ladies, one of which is Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood), she happened to take a "holiday" with the other two ladies and now is going home to get married. You will also see Miss Froy (May Whitty) who is an elderly woman that worked abroad as a music teacher and also a governess. And also a few others as well. They all spend the night at the hotel, and in the morning it is time to board the train and head home. Miss Froy asks Iris for help in finding her suitcases. They end up talking more, they also end up eating lunch together. Miss Froy, during the lunch annoys the two English men. After the meal, Iris goes for a nap, when she awakens, Miss Froy is no longer around. She vanished. Into thin air? She can't be a ghost, can she? Or did Caldicott and Charters have anything to do with the woman's disappearance? Or how about the other people that stayed at the hotel that night? This movie is really good, and is a great Hitchcock movie. The best? That for you to decide. However, anything Hitch touched turns into gold.

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