Thursday, October 25, 2012

Send Me No Flowers

Send Me No Flowers
Released Date: October 14, 1964
Director: Norman Jewison
Actors: Rock Hudson, Doris Day, Tony Randall, Paul Lynde, Hal March, Edward Andrews, Patricia Barry, Clint Walker, Clive Clerk, Dave Willock, Arline Towne, and Helene Winston

     We have a team in this movie. Staring Rock Hudson, Doris Day AND Tony Randall. The trio played in three movies together. And this happens to be their last film together. Rock and Day were a couple in all three movies, and Tony Randall always played a friend of theirs. The other two movies were Pillow Talk and Lover, Come Back. This movie happens to be my favorite of the trios. And also happens to be the funniest. It is said that Rock always called Day, Eunice, and the reason he gave was because when he thought of her with that name, it made him laugh. Pretty funny, huh? Makes you want to call Doris Day that and see if it makes you laugh too. Rock Hudson was a very handsome man, and very muscular. Which makes sense, because he also happened to work out often. He passed away in 1985 from aids which left him weak. Doris Day had said after his passing that she did not know he was homosexual, which was asked of her since she worked often with him.

     Send Me No Flowers is a great comedy. And one that will keep you in stitches. We follow a hypochondriac, George Kimball (Rock Hudson) as he goes to visit Dr. Morrissey (Edward Andrews). He has been having pain in his chest. You'll laugh at all the worries George is having, especially when the Dr. says there is nothing wrong but tells him to take a pill anyway and at the office. When the Dr. says go ahead and take the pill now, George wide eyed says "you make it sound so urgent." Which makes you appreciate your doctors that have to deal with the hypochondriacs in the world. But we also feel for his wife Judy (Doris Day) for having to calm him down everyday. While George is taking the pill, Dr. Morrissey gets a phone call about another patient. This patient happens to be dying and when George overhears the conversation, only from the Doctor's point of view, he believes it is him that is dying. On his way home on the train, George tells his best friend and neighbor Arnold (Tony Randall) the horrible news. Arnold proceeds to drink and by the time they get to their stop, he is drunk. George does not want to tell his wife because she is so concerned about his health and it would worry and upset her. Sure the upset part, but we know it is his worries that he speaks of. Arnold is trying to write a eulogy while George is trying to find his wife a new husband. But when Judy catches her husband being kissed by another woman, she gets mad and forces her husband to tell her the news. Dr. Morrissey goes over to the Kimball's home with fish that he catched on his vacation, and Judy finds out that George is not dying. Mrs. Kimball believes that his "death" was a cover up and he really is cheating. Will they end up staying together, or will they end up divorcing. Or worse, will their break up end up actually killing George? Find out and watch this hilarious film featuring a great cast.

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