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The Andrew Sisters

The Andrew Sisters

     The Andrew Sisters clan consists of La Verne, Maxene and Patty. La Verne Sophie was born on July 6, 1911, Maxene Angelyn was born on January 3, 1916 and Patricia Marie was born on February 16, 1918. Their father, Peter Andreos was an ice cream maker, and changed his name from Andreos to Andrews when he moved from Greece to America. Their mother's name is Olga Sollie, whom was born a Norwegian. The sisters started out young, in April of 1931 during their school time off for Easter. The sisters were always very close, and as Maxene has once said "The wonderful thing was that we were together for so many years. We dressed together, we slept together, we ate together, we roomed together, we went shopping together and, of course, we rehearsed together. We were never separated."

     The Sisters were not only a huge hit in the early 1900s, but they also toured for our troops and had so many top billboard hits, and are played still, everyday. They had such hits as: "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "Pistol Packin' Mama" (With Bing Crosby), "Aurora," "Civilization", and "Rum And Coca Cola." Along with many others. Patty played the lead vocals in which has been noted as a wide range of tones. She was lead, but also needed the support of her Sisters, La Verne and Maxene. La Verne was the only of her sisters that could read music. Often teaching her sisters range and what key to sing in. But Patty was always very talented and could sing in range with the notes to the music. The trio also stared in movies, most noted for their movies with Abbott and Costello including In The Navy, and Hold That Ghost. At one point during the girls career, they had a fight, and needed to be separated. Sadly, La Verne died shortly after the girls were reunited from Cancer. But Maxene and Patty stayed together and kept on singing, they even had a replacement for her after her death.

                                                                        LaVerne Andrew

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