Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hit The Ice

Hit The Ice
Released Date: June 2, 1943
Director: Charles Lamont
Actors: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Ginny Simms, Patric Knowles, Elyse Knox, Joe Sawyer, and Marc Lawrence

     I have written about Abbott and Costello in the past. And this one happened to be one of my favorites growing up. The classic routines done by the two masters of comedy. Now of course everyone would have a different say. But I consider them the best. I do love the 2000 Year Old Man (Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner) and also Seinfeld.

     This movie follows two men, Flash (Abbott) and Tubby (Costello) as they get into trouble and are forced to follow their old school friend along with a small gang. There is a wonderful comedy routine where Tubby is playing the piano for this girl he is interested in, Marcia (Ginny Simms) and Abbott is sitting behind the piano with a music recorder. And everytime Costello says "Alright", Abbott is to play or stop the recording. There is another scene were Abbott can't make up his mind if they should stay in town or go with their high school friend. Costello gets rather angry and says in a funny but upset voice "why don't you make up your mind?" 

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