Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello People :) I have been out because of back surgery. I had two herniated/ruptured disks. The Doctor had to go in and take out the disks and put in cadaver bones and also fuse the disks together. They did the surgery in two parts and one through from the stomach and back. If you ever need surgery or anything, just remember that having a great outcome comes from a great mind set. Just think of a great outcome. And exercise is the most important thing to keep up. I went home three days after my second surgery because of exercise and thinking good thoughts. :) I will be back on soon to write more movies. Probably tomorrow or the next day, to be more exact. But I just wanted to let you guys know :) I have had a good recovery so far. But it will still take some time for me to get better. Sorry for the wait. I'll be back soon with great movies and actors and actresses. 

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