Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?
Released Date: October 31, 1962
Director: Robert Aldrich
Actors: Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono, Wesley Addy, Julie Allred, Anne Barton, Marjorie Bennett, Maidie Norman, Anna Lee, Dave Willock, and Bert Feed

     Seriously, what in the world happened to Baby Jane? That is one question that will go down in history!!! And the movie was made long ago, you would think that the question would be answered by now. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford had an amazing relationship, full of hate and dislike for each other. Why is that? The name of the movie should have been "Whatever Happened between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford?" Could it have been jealousy? Could it have been a money issue? Maybe a man at one point? Or a job that one wanted. Who knows. But I do know one thing, Bette Davis said that the book written about Joan Crawford, by her daughter was a horrible thing. And that it was absolutely wrong. But then the same thing did happen to Bette Davis. Her daughter wrote a book also. One thing I can honestly say, is that I would never read those books. Out of respect for the women and the fact that the books were written during or before death of the two actors.

     Blanche Hudson (Joan Crawford) was living under the shadows of her child star sister, Baby Jane Hudson (Bette Davis). She watched as her sister got whatever she wanted, and saw as people everywhere bought dolls and every Baby Jane accessory out. Blanche said to her mother in the very beginning of the movie, that she would get her chance one day. Then many years later, Blanche got her stardom in the movies. She became better than Jane, and was more popular. Everyone asked who Baby Jane was, but knew exactly who Blanche was. The only issue was that Blanche was confined to a wheelchair. And Baby Jane, the jealous, alcoholic Baby Jane was, for the most part, taking care of her sister. The other percent of care was done by Elvira Stitt (Maidie Norman). It is also explained early on in the movie that there was a car accident, Jane was driving and Blanche ended up in a wheelchair. So does Blanche get her revenge? How crazy is Baby Jane? Watch as the most creepy film is revealed to you in minutes. And watch as an adult Bette Davis sings a song for a child, in a child like way. If that doesn't catch your attention, just watch to see some of Davis and Crawford's anger come alive in the movie. You won't be upset that you saw it. 

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