Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pat And Mike

Pat And Mike
Released Date: June 13, 1952
Director: George Cukor
Actors: Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, Aldo Ray, William Ching, Sammy White, George Matthews, Gussie Moran, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Don Budge, Alice Marble, Frank Andrew Parker, Betty Hicks, and Beverly Hanson

     This entire movie is based on athletics. Katharine Hepburn grew up with an older brother that loved sports, and to play them as well. Her father was a huge sports fan too and made sure his children played and got their exercise in everyday. So when Miss Hepburn became pro - like good, she was rather happy. Not only to be great at sports but because it pleased her father as well. This movie shows us her sports ability and there was no stunt double for her.

     Katharine Hepburn was great at a lot of sports. Every type of sport she tried, she excelled. But the one sport she was told that she was good enough to go pro, was golf. This movie is about a ladies golf championship. Pat (Hepburn) plays the athlete, who will be trained by Mike (Tracy). She is pushed hard, and even though she does well at golf, for some reason, whenever her fiance is around, she flops. It is almost time for the championship, so now she decides to allow and hire Mike to help her train correctly. And because she is around Mike a lot, and also is being trained and not getting nervous around him when it comes to her favorite sport, she becomes attracted to him. And one other issue, her fiance would rather her become his wife and drop her favorite sport. 

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