Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Mortal Storm

The Mortal Storm
Release Date: June 14, 1940
Director: Frank Borzage
Actors: Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, Robert Young, Frank Morgan, Robert Stack, Bonita Granville, Irene Rich, and William T. Orr

     This movie takes place before and during WWII. The movie is about a family, the Roth Family. And in this family is a dad (a professor), a daughter, and two sons. The father and daughter or against Nazi's and the sons are for. During WWII you were either with or against the Nazi's and this movie really shows you the difference and that families struggled with those feelings. The two sons end up becoming Nazi's. And it is up to the family to decide if it is safe to be home or if it is time to high tail out of there. 

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