Thursday, September 27, 2012

Casanova Brown

Casanova Brown 
Released Date: December 26, 1944
Director: Sam Wood
Actors: Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Frank Morgan, Anita Louise, Edmund Breon, Patricia Collinge, Jill Esmond, and Mary Treen

     In Shadow Of A Doubt and also this movie, Casanova Brown, we see again, Teresa Wright and Patricia Collinge as mother and daughter. I have always felt that they played the parts perfectly. Patricia Collinge is a great actress, but you cannot hide true feelings, and she cared for Teresa Wright like a daughter. Wright said that she loved working with Patricia as well, and it was easy to act related. They also play relatives in The Little Foxes. However in that movie, they play niece and aunt. This movie is one of Teresa Wright's first movies, and like I have said in past blogs, she made many great movies for her firsts. This one is a great movie.

     We follow Casanova (Cass) Brown (Gary Cooper) as he is about to get re-married. But during the preparations of this next wedding, he discovers that his first wife, Isabel Drury (Teresa Wright) has just had their child. Cass worries that Isabel is going to put their baby up for adoption. So instead of allowing it to happen, or just forgetting his first wife, Cass kidnaps his baby to keep Isabel from putting their child up. Isabel's parents, Mr. Drury (Edmund Breon) and Mrs. Drury (Patricia Collinge) are in search for Cass and their grandchild. But they soon discover that even though Cass and Isabel are divorced, they are still madly in love. So why did they break up? You can't fight love, so why did they try? And do they end up back together, or does Cass re-marry? Find out by watching this movie, which if you have NetFlix, you can watch this instantly. 

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