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I Love Lucy Season 3

I Love Lucy Season 3
From October 5 1953 to May 24 1954

Ricky's 'Life' Story (10-5-53):
Lucy gets a copy of Life magazine, which has her husband Ricky as the front cover and main article. When Lucy notices that her picture is not in the article, she gets mad. So Ricky then decides to let her dance at the club, and makes sure that she is over worked so that she wants to quit from being exhausted. Lucy finds out, and you would not believe, or maybe you would, the end result.

The Girls Go Into Business (10-12-53):
Pals, Lucy and Ethel decide to make some money, so they figure on going into business together by buying a Dress Shop together. They end up not doing so hot. Freaking out they decide to sell, and a buyer comes in and offers them $500 more then they paid for the shop. They then find out that the person that bought the store sold for $50,000 and made a better deal. I bet they wish they had waited, huh?

Lucy And Ethel Buy The Same Dress (10-19-53):
The gals are to do a TV appearance together. They want to sing the song "Friendship." But when they end up buying the same dress, their husbands, Fred and Ricky, tell them both to return the dresses. When they appear together, without showing each other the end result, they end up again, with the same exact dress as before. While singing, the mad duo strip off a lot of the dress, leaving them with separate dresses.

Redecorating The Mertzes' Apartment (11-23-53):
Ethel is about to host the next women's club meeting, and is upset about how her apartment looks. She ends up fighting a lot with Fred, and Lucy, being upset by her friends arguing, decides to take matters into her own hands. She decides that her and Ricky are going to pay to paint and reupholster the place. But when Fred turns on a fan to take away the paint fumes, the whole place is covered with feathers. Why? Because the gang takes out the feathers from a chair. The apartment ends up a feathery mess, and a shaky friendship.

Too Many Crooks (11-30-53):
There is a thief running around the neighborhood. They call this thief  'Madame X.'  Mrs. Trumbull sees Lucy walking out of the Mertzes' apartment with one of Fred's suits. So she believes Lucy is the thief, and gets Ethel to believe the same theory. But Lucy sees Ethel outside of her apartment window with Fred's hat and coat and believes it is Ethel pulling the neighborhood jobs. They are on to each other until one of them catches the real deal.

Home Movies (3-1-54):
Both Fred and Ethel are getting tired of Ricky showing home videos of Little Ricky. Although they love their godson, they are tired of the videos, and just want a night of cards. They go over to the Ricardo's and Ricky starts one of the videos, and at the end of the video, Ricky finds Lucy is asleep and the Mertzes' have left the apartment. Angry, Ricky decides not to use them in his own personal home movie to show to a producer. So Lucy then decides to make her own home movie with Fred and Ethel, and then splices their Western/Musical/Drama into Ricky's own video. How do you think that turns out?

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