Thursday, September 27, 2012

How does this sound in a days work?

     If you talk to 100 people, no let me take this another way. If you talk to 100 women and then 100 men and ask them what their ideal woman/man is, what would they answer with? Men would most likely say Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston, and then women would say Jake Gyllenhaal or Brad Pitt. But to be honest, I look at what I watch and I have a different answer. Now don't get me wrong, Jake Gyllenhaal is a great looking man, but when I watch old movies, I dream of having a great man like James Stewart, with a Cary Grant type of romantic side, Gregory Peck looks, Lou Costello's jokes. And would it not be awesome to go back to that era and drive old cars, with the prices of gas? Absolutely!!! We all have that dream. Having a drive-in movie theater again, with only paying 25c just to get in. But how about going down the street and not worry about getting mugged? Getting a hamburger and chocolate milkshake with Marilyn Monroe, and then walking the grease off on the way home with James Dean. Wearing tights and a sweater instead of jeans and a jacket, dresses instead of short skirts. Playing basketball and golf with Katharine Hepburn, and swimming races with Grace Kelly. Talking football with Robert Young. Going to the movie theaters with James Stewart, and then having a drink with Cary Grant. Or having drinks with any one of those people, but having a cigarette with Bette Davis. Or maybe just watching Miss Davis smoke... Playing with and talking about my dogs with Alfred Hitchcock, but then talking about wild cats with Tippi Hedren. Getting into trouble with Lucille Ball, and having Vivian Vance pull us out of jail. Having Julia Andrews sing to me while just listening to Cary Grant talk. Taking dance lessons from Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair. Looking for ghosts with Abbott and Costello while talking about baseball with Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, William Frawley, and James Stewart. Riding horses with Tippi Hedren, but going out on a boat with Humphrey Bogart. Does that not sound amazing?? Having a day with any of these people would be a blast. Don't you think? 

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